September 13



Holy smokes! The last two weeks have been crazy. I realized I had not posted anything on the website since registration went live and I didn’t want 2 weeks to go by without an update, so here goes.

Registration:¬†We are almost at 100 people which is really good for being 6 months out before a brand new race. We are working on some new marketing efforts for October and really hope to sell out before prices go up on Thanksgiving. Don’t wait until its too late to register.

Sponsorship: I went down to Zion last week and talked with the local tourism board regarding local support and sponsorship. They are being super supportive and I think we are going to hook you up with some really great deals for local restaurants, shopping, and adventure companies. We are close to finalizing our host hotel as well so we will be updating you very soon.

Race Committee: We like to stack our race committee with locals. I have a few members of the race committee lined up so far, but still need a few more awesome and reliable people to round the committee out. If you know anyone who might be a good fit, please let me know at

Full disclosure: I am finishing up my last year of graduate school this year and school just started for me 3 weeks ago so I have been struggling to balance things as the semester gets under way. I have things under control at this point and will be updating about the race more frequently, sorry if my lack of posting caused anyone concern. I missed you guys too.


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