September 28

Race Timing


The Zion Half Marathon will be a timed race and we are excited to announce that we have partnered with the company RunSum to handle our timing!

We know that having to wait while someone clips the timing chip off your shoe can be more than a little annoying. Because we want to offer a really high quality experience, we have decided to go with the latest in timing technology, bib chips.

Zion Half Marathon Timing

Bib chips are a disposable chip that goes on the back of your bib. They are remarkably accurate even under less than ideal conditions. RunSum did a test where they taped the bib chip on the curvature of a motorcycle helmet and zoomed across the timing mat at 60 mph and it still timed accurately. Really remarkable.

Shoe Chip

With traditional shoe chips, you needed to keep the timing chip close to the ground and they have to be clipped off after the race. Other bib chip systems I have seen, the chip can’t be touching skin and you still have to be reasonably close to the ground for it to work.

With the bib chips we will have, you can wear the bib on your hip or belt, or on your front or back. Really, anywhere you prefer and the timing system will work. The best thing about bib chips is that you get to keep it after the race, no need to have someone clip your chip off your foot after the race.

You will be able to pick up your bib chip at race check-in on Thursday or Friday, whichever day you decide is most convenient for you.

We think bib chips are a great innovation coming out of the racing world and we are excited to offer it our runners.


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