October 15

Information about teams


Did you know you can save $10 on your registration by signing up as a team? We think running with friends is better, so we wanted to give you one more reason to invite your friends to run with you. Here is how to do it:

Step 1. Find 5 other people that want to run with you.

Step 2. Go to the Zion Half Marathon registration page

Step 3. The first thing you are asked on the registration page is if you are registering as an individual or a team. Select the button “Half Marathon – Team/Group Member”Team registration

Step 4. The next section of the registration form you are asked to choose or create a team. If you need to create a team, skip to step 6. Team registration 2Clicking on the drop down menu will reveal the list of registered teams that you can join.Team registration create new team

Step 5. Once you select the team you want to join you will be prompted to enter a password created by your Team Captain. Your team discount will be applied automatically. You can skip steps 6 & 7. Team registration join team password

Step 6. If you are the first person to register on the team, then you must create the team. To do this, click on the drop down menu like in step 4, but choose “Create New Team”Team registration create new team

Step 7. Enter your team name, the team captain’s name, and create a password to share with your team. Once this information is entered you can complete your registration. Team registration create new team2

Step 8. Share the Team name and Password with your team and be sure you get 6 people to register.

You must have a minimum of 6 people on a team to get the team discount. If you register as a team, but do not get 6 people to register for your team, each team member must pay a $20 transfer fee to pick up their bib.

Teams will be scored similar to cross country scoring. All runners in the team category will be placed according to their finish time. We will add up the placing for the top 5 runners from each team and the team with the lowest score will win. There is no limit to the number of runners on your team, but only the 5 fastest runners will be part of the score. Any other runners on your team can act as pushers or displacers.

We will award prizes to the top 3 teams. Plus, if you register as a team member, you can still win an individual award in addition to a team award.

There are currently only 8 teams registered, and only one of those teams has the required 6 members.So rally your friends and register today!


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