February 12

Medals & Awards


Things are gearing up for the race. We have several major announcements this week so please check your email, facebook, or check back here before Saturday. Today I wanted to show off the prize. I have received several emails about finisher medals and awards. I hope this is not a spoiler for anyone. If you want the medals to be a surprise, look away. Also, avoid our facebook page for today.


We just received sample medals from our buyer. The finisher medal is below:

IMG 0735







IMG 0736







IMG 0737







It has a bronze look to it and the design has some depth. The best part is you can cut the ribbon off and it’s more like a medallion. All of our medals in the series will be similar, so if you like collecting medals, you are going to want these.

I also wanted to clarify how we will be awarding overall, age group and team medals.

We will be awarding the top 5 in the following categories with separate categories for Men & Women:

11 and younger
75 and older

The awards for each place will look like this:

IMG 0739

IMG 0742













It was difficult to get a picture of the medals because they are so reflective. The place medals will be the following:

1st – Shiny Gold with Blue Ribbon
2nd – Shiny Silver with Red Ribbon
3rd – Shiny Bronze with Yellow Ribbon
4th – Shiny Bronze with White Ribbon
5th – Shiny Bronze with Pink Ribbon

For Men & Women Overall & Masters, the top 3 finishers will also receive a National Park Pass good for one year.





If you win an Overall medal, you are not eligible to win a Masters or age group medal, but you can win a team medal.
If you win a Masters medal, you are not eligible to win an age group medal but you can win a team medal.

For teams we will award the top 3 teams a medal only. Everyone on the top 3 teams will get a medal.

As always, any feedback is welcome. We hope you love these!


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