February 12

Start time change


The start time of the race has been changed to 7:00am. 

When we first began planning for the race, we knew we were going to have to run early in the morning in order to minimize disruptions to park visitors not associated with the race. We thought a 6:00am start would work, so we announced it and got going.

Well, about 2 months ago we did some double checking to be sure we would have enough light and what we found was the calendar below.

As it turns out, 6:00am means it is still pitch black. On the calendar “Twi N” means Nautical Twilight. That is when the horizon comes into view and you can tell morning is almost here. On race day, Nautical Twilight doesn’t start until 6:35am and Sunrise doesn’t start until 7:31am.

Basically, we thought for a race that likes to talk about how pretty the course is, a 6:00am start in the pitch black seemed like a bad idea.

So, we have officially changed the start time to 7:00am. For most of you, you are welcome for the extra hour of sleep. If anyone is unhappy with this change please call or email me. I know we are only 6 weeks away, but we think this is an improvement.

Salem Stanley


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