February 13

Shuttle Information


We are just over a month away from the race, so I hope everyone knows where they are staying the night before the race. If not, checkout our sponsor page to find a great local hotel to stay in while visiting Zion.

Once you know where you will be sleeping, I hope you have considered the question:

How will I get to the starting line?

You have three basic options to get yourself to the starting line on race morning.

  1. Get dropped off by a loved one
  2. Drive and park
  3. Ride the shuttle

Get Dropped Off by a Loved One
We will have a place for you to get dropped off on race morning at the starting line. When you arrive, please follow the directions of the staff we will have directing traffic. We will close the starting line at 6:45am in order to make sure we start the race on time. Plan for some congestion near the starting line and get there early. Do not arrive at 6:44am and expect to have no problems.

Especially because this is our first year, please arrive early.

Drive & Park
There is a lot of parking available at the starting line. You will be able to drive and park at the starting line anytime before about 6:40am. We will start lining up at the starting line at 6:50am. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to arrive early and warm up for the race.

If you drive and park, we will be offering a shuttle service back to the starting line after the race. The post race shuttle service will start immediately after the awards ceremony which will start around 9:30am. We expect the awards ceremony will last approximately 20-30 minutes. The post race shuttle will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and will run until 11:30am or until we run out of people to transport.

Ride the shuttle
We will be offering a free shuttle service that will pick up at the finish line and will take you to the starting line the morning of the race. We can take approximately 500 people. If you are staying the night in Springdale, this will probably be your best option. However, because we won’t have room for everyone you must register to secure a spot on the shuttle. We will be using a fleet of 15 passenger vans as well as two buses.

Because of the logistics of the event, if you miss the time you sign up for, we cannot guarantee on-time transportation to the starting line. So if you have no plan B, don’t be late to the shuttle.

If you do miss your shuttle, and we happen to have extra seats on another shuttle, it will be given with priority to those who registered for the earliest shuttles.

The shuttle will pick up at the finish line starting at 5:15am with the last shuttle leaving at 6:15am.

This year, the shuttle will be complementary. You are encouraged to give us a high-five as payment. :)

Because of the limitations of our transportation options, we cannot transport anyone except runners who have a bib. That means if you plan on picking up your bib on race morning, you are not eligible to ride the shuttle.


Please take a minute and let us know which option you plan on using


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