February 15

Shirts & Registration Increase


Sorry to bug you again with another reminder about the price increase tomorrow. It costs $90 to register today and will cost $110 to register tomorrow. You can register as a team and save $10.

Register Zion Half Marathon

You may wonder why we are so focused on this price increase. Basically, we need to order medals and shirts this weekend in order to get them in time for the race. As of right now, 510 people have registered. We still think we will get to 750 this year, but at this point it is not clear. Even if we guess the number of shirts right, we aren’t totally sure of the sizes we will need for those who register after we have ordered shirts.

Depending on how many register this weekend, we will try and project how many will show up on race day. If you want to be sure we have a shirt the right size for you, we recommend you register soon. Check out our shirt design below:

Sky Blue Women’s Shirt

Orange Men’s Shirt

We think the combination of the orange and blue is going to look amazing! There is nothing like the rocks of zion next to a blue sky. There will be a few more sponsor logos on the back of the shirt, but we are waiting on logos from some of them.

First year races are always a little tricky. As a race producer, we never really know how people will react to our events. We hope you love it. We are super excited about the race this year and we hope we can deliver a really great experience.


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  • Are many people camping? I have never ran a half marathon without staying at a hotel but I have also never been to a National Park and NOT camped so it was not rocket science right?

    • Not sure of the official number of people camping, but I do know you wouldn’t be alone. It will be a little chilly at night, but if you are prepared, you should be able to get plenty of rest.

      • There are two sites left for pull up tent camping in Watchman so I am hoping they will all be runners! Absolutely plenty of rest is always key! Can’t wait!

  • I’m looking forward to this race. My hubby and I have turned it into a camping destination. I’m meeting my teammates there and are we excited.

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