March 19



So where should your entourage be stationed to catch the action?

Starting Line: Spectators are welcome at the starting line, but please be aware of a few things.

1. The starting line will be closed from 6:45am to 7:15am. Don’t expect to pull up as the gun goes off and be able to leave right away.

2. The road to the finish line will be slow. You should expect a slow drive as you will be sharing the road with our runners. Unless you are cheering on someone who you expect to come in first overall, you should be fine, but don’t dawdle.

On the Course: Cars are not allowed to stop along the course. The road will be crowded and even the shoulder is off limits. Please do not stop along the course. Your best bet in Springdale is to park at the LDS church about 2 miles from the finish. You can probably catch a glimpse of your runner there and you might be able to make it to the finish line on time, but you might not.

Finish Line: There should be lots of room to watch runners as they finish. Please help cheer on everyone who comes across the finish line. You can see a parking map below.

Parking at Finish Line


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