March 29

Timing & Awards


Congratulations to everyone who finished on Saturday! As a race crew we are pretty happy with how things went overall, but there are a few areas we will need to address for next year. One of the ¬†most obvious area’s is our scoring and awards.

The short explanation is, we messed up.

The longer explanation is a little more complex which I will address below.

Issue #1 – Teams
So the way we score our teams is fairly unique in the world of Half Marathons, and our timer and I misunderstood each other. He thought that when someone was a part of a team, they were not eligible for any individual awards, when in fact they are. He had spent several hours prepping his timing software before hand and with about 5 minutes before the awards ceremony, he handed me results that omitted all the team runners.

You may have seen your print out after the race that put you in 1st place in your age group, but now you look and see that you are in 4th place. That is because we have now added back in all the team runners and it pushed you down. Teams are the only area where we allow “double dipping”. That is, where you can win two awards. We think races, and especially vacation races, should be enjoyed with friends and family, so we want to encourage teams to participate. We like how it turned out, and will be offering the same sort of team awards in the future. But next time we will get the scoring right.

So the way we wanted the awards to work, was that overall winners are awarded medals and then they are removed from any other awards except team. Then the Masters group(anyone 40+) is awarded medals, then they are removed from any other awards except team. Once we remove those top 10 runners, we rank the remaining runners to receive the age group medals. That was how it was supposed to work.

When our timer tried fixing the teams(see section above) he broke the rules regarding priority. So when we did the awards ceremony, you saw some people win age group who should have been included in Masters or Overall. It has been fixed, and the correct scoring is on the site now. (See PDF of Results)

Gun Time vs Chip Time
We’ll address the shuttle problems in a later post, but we messed up here too. Nearly 100 runners arrived at the starting line too late to join the crowd when the gun went off. Because the race is chip timed, it shouldn’t have messed up our scoring although it was a let down to those runners.

However, what happens is you end up with a “gun time” (which measures the time between when the gun goes off and when your chip crosses the finish line) and a “chip time” (that measures the time between when your chip crosses the start line and when your chip crosses the finish line). The problem is, the chip time gets ignored with “top finishers”. The scoring software does this so that whoever crosses the finish line first, wins. Otherwise you might get elite runners who wait in the back of the pack to start, and then the first person to cross the finish line might end up not getting any place at all.

Well, we had some really fast runners on those busses who started 3 minutes or more after the gun but ended up with a fantastic chip time and placed in the Masters and age group awards. But when they were tagged as a top finisher, it only looked at their gun time which was 3 minutes slower so it dropped them down, unjustifiably.

We have fixed this, and are awarding only based on chip time. Again, we will be addressing the shuttle situation very soon.

“Dirty Data”
Lastly, our data wasn’t quite clean enough. Somehow a few male runners got tagged as female and vice versa, additionally some folks didn’t have age groups, etc. We have made most of the corrections, but if you see anything else that is incorrect, please let us know.


So those were the issues. I told you they were a bit complicated. There may be some issues still out standing. If your chip fell of while running, or if for some reason the chip never registered when you crossed the start or finish line then your time was not recorded.

Many of the awards we gave out at the awards ceremony were wrong. We’ll have everything worked out for future races, but we still need to get these correct awards out to everyone who earned them.

If you did received an erroneous award you may keep it if you wish, or you may mail it back to us. Our mailing address is:

Vacation Races
1568 N 1450 W
Provo, UT 84604

We will be ordering new medals for everyone who earned them although they make take a few weeks to get to you.

I want to thank everyone for their patience as we work this stuff out.



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