April 4



We have simplified the course and made it even prettier. We will now start and finish at the Stanley Hotel, but will run a complete loop around Estes Lake. Oh man, it’s going to be so pretty. You will be running next to the lake as the sun rises. You are going to LOVE this course.

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A few things you are going to love.

1. This course is going to be very spectator friendly. If your fans are staying at the Stanley Hotel, they can easily watch the start, mile 4, mile 11, and the finish while only driving about 3 miles. Better yet, they can sleep in until a reasonable hour and come see you finish.

2. Thus course is on mostly running path. After the first half mile you get on a running path to go around the lake, and then stay on a path headed up the highway. At around mile 6 you get onto road up Dry Gulch and down Devils Gulch but those roads are thinly traveled. The run in town means you can run easily and not have to worry about cars and traffic.

3. This course runs around Lake Estes. I love communities with running/bike paths and Estes Park rocks! This path takes you a full loop around the lake just as the sun will be coming up. It will be spectacular.

4. The view from Devils Gulch road is uh-freaking-mazing. We all need to start wishing for clear skies on race day now so you will be able to see  the amazing view of the mountains as you run down Devils Gulch road.

As always, the course need formal approval, so it could change. But this course should be very easy to get approved so change is unlikely. We are very excited about this.

Update:The elevation isn’t showing on mymprun for some reason. You can see it below or you should see it by clicking here: https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/188295688



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