April 8

Registration is Open


We are really excited to open registration for the 2013 Rocky Mountain Half Marathon. I wanted to point a few unique things about our race.

Register Zion Half Marathon

  1. To register click here
  2. This is going to be a cupless race. This means we will not have cups at aid stations, except for emergencies or if your hydration system fails you. The aid stations will be minimally staffed. There will be people there, but not 10-15 people like you may be used to. When you register we will ask you to indicate whether you want a hydrapouch or not. We will buy you one to keep if you want us to. Otherwise you need to bring your own system. It can be anything that works for you.
  1. Teams – We are offering teams a discounted rate into the race. If 6 or more people register as a team, everyone gets $10 off. Please note that if you register as a team with fewer than 6 people, each team member will be charged a $20 fee at packet pickup. Members of teams will be eligible for both individual and team awards.
  2. Racer Cap – We are capping the race at 750. There has been a lot of interest in the race over the past couple weeks. I don’t think we will sell out right away, but we will sell out sometime. Our transfer, deferment and refund policy is one of the best, so you have no reason to wait. If you want to be sure of getting a spot, make sure you register.
  3. Packet pickup  – You have 3 options to pick up your packet.
    1. You can get it Thursday afternoon at a location TBD in Denver. We figure there are a lot of runners along the front range who would rather not have to drive up to Estes Park twice in a week. This option will cost you $10. You can pay now, or pay when you pick it up. Each bib that you pick up early costs $10.
    2. You can pick up your bib and packet Friday in Estes Park at the race expo. The location is still TBD, but Estes Park isn’t that big. There will be vendors and additional information available at the expo. We are even working on getting some speakers lined up. Pick up is free at the expo.
    3. You can pick up your packet race morning. We want to discourage you from choosing this option. Race morning is stressful enough for everyone without having to worry about getting a bib. But we know weird things happen, and many runners travelso we will have bibs available on race morning.
  4. Lastly, if you have any issues at all with registration, please contact me at 619-567-9191 or by email at salem@thezionhalf.com


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