April 22

The Course


Happy Earth day everyone!

We have been working on the course a bit and here is what we have. The course starts in Page, AZ near the local city park and high school. There is tons of parking near the start and there are a number of local hotels that are within walking distance. Easy.

The course runs through some residential neighborhoods for the first 3 miles, you get some great views when you get near the airport, but ultimately, it is still running in neighborhoods.

Mile 3.5 is when things get awesome. There is a single(almost double) track trail that runs out along a mesa in Page and gives you really spectacular views of the lake. Any spectators with boats may want to head East of the Dam around Antelope Island to cheer on runners from the water.

After a mile and a half on trail, the course gets back on the road and drops down quickly to the highway about a half mile from the bridge. You cross over the bridge(awesome) and after a small incline you turn onto Lake Shore Drive. So freaking pretty.

You run along lake shore drive and turn towards the hotel once you get near the marina. At the hotel, you get onto a running path for the last couple miles of the race. With about a half mile left you can see the finish line and your fans can see you! We’ll finish at the end of the parking lot very close to the water.

Its a gradual decline where you lose about 650 feet overall. Take a look. I will be in Page in a couple weeks and will get video of the whole course.

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EDIT: The elevation isn’t loading above so I took a snapshot you can see below.

Lake Powell Half Elevation Map


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Are You Getting Enough Protein?

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