April 22

Weekly Update #1


It has been two weeks since registration opened and it has been too long since we have posted anything. So here goes:

1. Registrations update

We have almost 50 people registered so far from 12 different states! With such a great start, we are hoping to get someone from every state. If you have friends in any states not listed below, let them know about the race!

RM 2 weeks registered map

South Dakota

2. Only 2 more weeks of early bird pricing.

We opened registration a bit late, so there is only 2 more weeks for early bird pricing. Prices go up May 5th!

3. Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors for the race. We prefer to showcase Colorado companies, but are open to most sponsors at this point. If you know anyone who might be interested in sponsoring the race, please contact me at salem@www.vacationraces.com or 619-567-9191.

4. Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park

I am headed out to Colorado next week to meet with local officials and some potential sponsors. We will also try and lock in our early packet pickup location in Denver and firm up our expo location as well. If you are on Twitter or Instagram follow us for more frequent updates. We’ll be using the hashtag #RMHalf

Official Hashtag

I will also be checking out a few potential post race hikes. We are looking for a hike that is

  1. Awesome
  2. Difficult, but doable after the race
  3. Inside the park

If you have any suggestions, let me know!

5. Estes Park versus Grand Lake

As you may have heard, we are considering moving the race to the Grand Lake side of the National Park. It is very unlikely we would consider moving this year but may make the change for 2014. We would LOVE to hear your opinion. Especially if you are indifferent. My guess is most runners won’t care as long as the race is gorgeous and awesome, and we can promise you that much regardless. Email us or better yet, leave a comment below.


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  • Keep it on the Estes park side. More lodging shops and restaurants. Closer to airport and easier access for the Denver Boulder Fort Collins running communities.
    A good hike would be gem lake since its close to the Stanley yet still NPS. Or the hikes out of bear lake – dream emerald etc.

  • So are you a local organization putting this on? It looks like the same course as the EP marathon. I think you would get less participants if you move the race to Grand Lake because the access is not as good and also there are way fewer lodging options. If you are planning on changing it runners need to know so they can make reservations. GL and Estes are two very different areas.

    • Hi Lori,

      Our company is based in Utah and we are putting this race on as part of our National Park Series of races. We’ll be in Estes Park for sure at this point. The course is similar to the EP marathon, which we hear is a good race. Thanks for the input!


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