April 30

Things to know before you register


Registration opens tomorrow morning. There are a lot of people excited about the race, including me, and we are stoked to get the ball rolling here.

Here are 10 things(we all like lists, right?) you might want to know about the race before you register tomorrow.

1. We have the best refund policy in the world.

2. This is a cupless race.

3. This is going to be a mostly open course. That means cars will be present along with runners.

4. There is a 1.5 mile section of trail on this course, and it is beautiful.

5. We are capping the race participants at 750 people. It’s our inaugural year so we want to make sure we give you a really quality experience.

6. Race starts at 6:00am Arizona time. The race happens right on the border and Arizona is one of two states that does not do daylight savings. So for half the year Arizona is on Pacific time and the other half it’s on Mountain time. If you show up at 6:00am Utah time, you’ll have an hour to wait until the race starts :)

7. We will have an official race hike, but we aren’t sure what it will be yet. If you participate in the race hike, you get 50% off registration for next year and your picture on the web forever.

8. The shuttle situation is unclear at this point. We are not sure we will be able to offer a free shuttle to get you back to the starting line from the finish line. We want do, but Page is pretty remote so there aren’t a lot of shuttle options. We will keep you posted as we develop a plan here.

9. The average water temperature at Lake Powell in October is 70 degrees. It’s about the same as June. It’s amazing.

10. This is going to be an Epic race.


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