May 29

Official Race Hike (tentative)


First of all we would like to thank everyone for your input on what our official Rocky Mountain Half hike should be. We got a lot of good suggestions and insights, and we appreciate it. We think we’ve got a good hike picked… but it’s a challenge.

This is Hallett Peak.  At a hiking distance of 10 miles roundtrip and a 3,238 ft elevation change, this is not an easy hike. Although it is difficult, it is definitely doable. National Geographic ranks it as one of the Top 10 Walk-Up Summit Hikes in the U.S. Parks.

To reach Hallet Peak, hikers ascend the Flattop trail. Once there, there is some minor scrambling to reach the top of Hallet Peak. From the summit of Falttop to Hallet Peak there is no clearly marked trail, but is an easy climb to the top. It is a truly breathtaking hike, climbing along the continental divide. Once at the top, many landmarks of Rocky Mountain National Park can be seen. Grand, Granby, and Shadow Mountain Lakes are clearly visible on the west side of the Continental Divide, as are many of the lakes on the east side of the Divide.

So before we make this official, we want to hear your thoughts. We know it is a challenge, but it is definitely worth it. Anyone hiked it before? Anyone have any reasons we shouldn’t do it? Any reasons why we absolutely must do it? Leave a comment!

Check this article out for a more detailed description of the Hallet Peak hike.


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