June 12

Race Timing


The Rocky Mountain Half Marathon will be a timed race and we are excited to announce that we have partnered with the company Hallucination Sports to handle our timing!

We know that having to wait while someone clips the timing chip off your shoe can be more than a little annoying. Because we want to offer a really high quality experience, we have decided to go with the latest in timing technology, bib chips from MyLaps.

Bib chips are a disposable chip that goes on the back of your bib. The chips can’t touch your skin, so there is a small foam separator surrounding the chip on the back of your bib.

With traditional shoe chips (like those below), you needed to keep the timing chip close to the ground and they have to be clipped off and returned after the race. Bib chips allow you to not worry about the chip. Just wear your bib, and focus on the run.

Shoe Chip

We think bib chips are a great innovation coming out of the racing world and we are excited to offer it our runners.


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