June 19

Training Shirts


“If only I had a training shirt I would be out there getting ready for the race,” you said. Well, good news: training shirts are now ready to order! So get out there and start running!

These performance t-shirts come in men’s and women’s adult sizes, and they’re free when you register for the race through the 4th of July. After the 4th of July you will be able to purchase the shirts for $10 with registration. For those that have already registered the shirts are not free but are offered at a $10 discount. We love our training shirts and really think the colors on these ones pop. Check ’em out!

Wear it training. Wear it running in other races. Wear it out on the lake. Wear it to the grocery store. Wear it to a business meeting. Let people know what you’re training for.

Register for the Lake Powell Half and get your training shirt FREE through the 4th of July.

Already registered? Just want the shirt, but don’t want to run? You can also order a training shirt from our online store for $20 ($10 if you’ve already registered).

Shirts will be delivered the week after the 4th of July.


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  • early bird did not get the worm this time. Just half the worm. Too bad. I live here and it would have been good advertising for you. I’ll have to see if i can scrape up another 10 bucks……

    • Hi Phil,

      Sorry to disappoint. When the price goes up, we wanted to try and make it easier on the folks who may not have heard about the race yet. We’ll be doing some shirt giveaways soon, so maybe you’ll get lucky.

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