June 20

Refund Policy Reminder


We want to remind everyone about our refund policy, which we think is pretty awesome. We appreciate our runners and always want to be as transparent and accommodating as we can be. We know stuff comes up and sometimes your plans for a race can change.

So, as a reminder, you can receive a full refund anytime before Saturday, June 22nd at midnight! After Saturday you will still be able to receive a 50% refund up until the day before the race (August 16th). Unfortunately we can not offer a refund for any cancelations that occur on race day. We haven’t seen a race refund policy that compares.

Once again, full refund before June 23rd and 50% refund until the day before the race. To request a refund you will need to fill out this online form. There are also options to transfer or defer your registration. You can read our complete refund, deferment and transfer policy here.

We hope that there is no need to cancel your plans and we can’t wait to see you all there. That being said, we do understand things change and we hope our refund policy allows you the flexibility you need and hope you can run with us again.


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