June 21

Water Levels


Water levels have been a little below average so far this year. The average for today (June 21st) puts the water at an elevation of 3,620 feet. Today’s measurement is 3,601 feet. 19 feet might not sound like a big deal, but it has a big effect on where you can launch and how you experience the lake. For example, the Castle Rock Cut is currently closed to boats due to low water levels. Castle Rock Cut normally is a boat channel leading from Wahweap Marina to the main body of the lake. You can read an article on their efforts to dig the channel deeper to make it usable again here.

So what does that mean for race day? Well the average on October 19th is 3,615 feet. So I do math from time to time, when I have to. It looks like the average between now and race day is a difference of 5 feet. Does that mean race day the lake will be 24 feet lower than it is now? Probably not. All we are saying is, data is fun.

If you geek out over this kind of data, here is a pretty cool resource.

This is a picture of Cathedral in the Desert thanks to Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas. Its a three-sided grotto that river runners considered to be one of the most hallowed havens of Glen Canyon. While it was covered in water, motorboats have passed over the top of this amazing spot, not knowing what lay below. Low water levels reveal parts of Glenn Canyon that haven’t been seen for years. It is fascinating the way the water levels can completely change your experience at Lake Powell. What a beautiful place.




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