June 24

Course Preview


We grabbed some shots from Google Street View of the course and put together a little slideshow for you to preview. The course is gorgeous. Miles 2-4 of the course go around Lake Estes and it is breathtaking. Below is the map of the course taken from the mapymyrun.com page for the Rocky Mountain Half.

There is a total gain of 499 ft. with the greatest climb being from mile 6 to mile 9 or so. You can see the change in elevation in this chart.

It looks like a bit of a beast, but then it is a nice easy downhill to the end. And look at the view from the finish line.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the terrain of the course, as well as how spectacularly gorgeous the run will be. Only another month and a half until the race! You can read a mile by mile description of the course here.


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