June 25

Getting to Lake Powell – Road Closure Alert!!


If you weren’t already aware, you may need to adjust your travel plans when visiting Lake Powell. Back In february a section of the US 89 about 25 miles south of Page AZ buckled and split – just like in the 1978 Superman film!

The road remains closed to traffic in both directions, and officials say it could be months before it is repaired. ┬áIf you’re coming to the lake from Utah then there is no problem because the damage is all south of the lake. However, if you’re trying to reach the lake from the south then there are currently some detours you should be aware of that will add about 45 minutes to an hour to your drive.

The race is in October so who knows, the road may be repaired by then. We just want you to be aware of the road conditions so you can plan accordingly. As of now, the road remains closed.

Detours are in place for motorists traveling to and from Page and southern Utah. These routes are US 160 and SR 98 directly to and from Page, and US 89A and US 89 through Kanab, Utah.

So if you’re coming to the lake from the south, take the US 160 south of Tuba City to the SR 98 to Page. Don’t forget to account for an additional 45 minutes or so of travel time.

We will try to post any updates to road conditions between now and race day. The last thing you need when preparing for a race is unexpected delays!


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