June 30

Christmas in July!


The best part about our race series is these beautiful destinations that we hold our races in. That’s the best part for us, and we think that is the best part for you as a runner. Not only is the course absolutely gorgeous, but your to-do list on your trip practically writes itself.

Unfortunately, the flip side of that coin is a growing credit card bill. We understand that outside the race itself, participating in our events requires some other financial planning. We’ve heard that same pain expressed by other runners. You’ve got your travel costs, sure. But once you get to the race site you’ve got to find food, shelter, a way into the park, and then a way to ENJOY the park. That adds up fast. Which is why we are so excited to announce our Christmas in July Giveaway!

For the entire month of July we will be holding a giveaway a week. Here is how it works. We will have 4 giveaways over 4 weeks with a total of 4 prizes. Each week we will announce the winner on Sunday before launching the next giveaway. Are you ready to hear what the prizes are? Make sure you’re sitting down, cause these are pretty awesome.

Week 1: National Park Annual Pass! The first week giveaway will run through Saturday, July 6th. Anyone who has registered for the race before midnight on Saturday 7/6 will be entered to win a national park annual pass. This pass is good for ANY national park, so you can run any of our races and not worry about park entrance fees. $80 value!

Week 2: $100 Gift Card to the Driftwood Lounge at the Lake Powell Resort! The second week giveaway will run through Saturday, July 13th. Anyone who has registered for the race before midnight on Saturday  7/13 will be entered to win a gift card to fill your stomach after a day out on the lake! $100 value!
 Week 3: 2 FREE nights at the Lake Powell Resort! The third week giveaway will run through Saturday, July 20th. Anyone who has registered for the race before midnight on Saturday 7/20 will be entered to win a 2 night stay at the Lake Powell Resort. Lake Powell Resort is located at Wahweap Marina in Page, AZ. The Resort offers comfortable lodging and suites and terrific dining.

The resort has a pool, a spectacular view, access to boat tours, boat rentals, etc. With all of these awesome amenities and great location, there really is no better place to stay when visiting Lake Powell than the Lake Powell Resort. These two nights will only be valid race weekend October 18th and 19th. $320 value.

Week 4: One day boat rental! The last giveaway will run through Saturday, July 27th. Anyone who has registered for the race before midnight on Saturday 7/27 will be entered to win a one day boat rental from the Lake Powell Resort & Marina. This rental is good for a 19′ all purpose boat, available at Bullfrog and Wahweap Marinas. This boat seats 8 and is 150 hp outboard. This boat is good for cruising the lake, fishing, tubing, and some water skiing and wake boarding (entry level). I can’t imagine going to Lake Powell and not having a day out on the boat.  You could have a day out on a boat for free if you register before midnight on July 27th! $400 value.

So that’s it! Each week we will be giving away a new prize through the month of July. The winners will be selected from the list of those registered for the race.* Once you are registered you will automatically be entered in each week’s giveaway. The sooner you register the more giveaways you will be entered into and the greater your chances of winning. Merry Christmas!

We wish we could shower everyone with prizes. These events wouldn’t exist without you guys and we appreciate you. In a perfect world we would give everyone a place to stay and a boat to play on. For now, this will have to do. Good luck and be sure to spread the word! I’m sure your friends you refer the race to will share the goods if they win! There are 8 seats on that boat after all. We’ll leave you with one last schedule reminder:

Any questions? Leave a comment!

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