July 1

Meet Our Race Director


We are happy to introduce Lyle Anderson, our race director. Lyle is a spectacular human being and we are so lucky to have him on board. We’ve included a bio from Lyle below. Before we get to that, we would like to ask for your help while we have your attention. The Ironman Wolrd Championship is held every year in Kona, Hawaii. Lyle is currently being considered for entry into the race, but he needs your votes! You can watch his vide and vote for him at the link below. Please take a minute to watch and vote. We would appreciate you showing Lyle your support. Voting is really as easy as clicking on the link below, and then clicking on vote under the video. Done.
Lyle’s Kona Inspired Video and Voting Page
Thank you for your support. We are lucky to have Lyle on our team. Without further adieu, we will let Lyle introduce himself.
Lyle Anderson
Photo by Trevor Christensen
The Spectrum & Daily News

Lyle Anderson

I was Born and Raised In Richland Washington.  My family moved to Southern Utah In 1993.  Where I still live to this day.  I have been married for 16 years and have 4 beautiful children.  I was introduced to running about 7 years ago.  After being diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) on my 30th birthday.  I decided I still had a few things I wanted to accomplish in my life while I still have the ability to do so.  In 2010 I ran my first full Marathon.  In 2012 I finished my first full Ironman in St George.  Since then I have completed 7 full Marathons, 8 half Ironman distance races, 12 Olympic Triathlons, 7 Spint Triathlons, 38 half Marathons and more 5k’s and relays than I care to list.
Running and Triathlon have opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities I never new existed before.  I realize now that anything is possible with a little work and mental preparation.
I had the privileged of working with Vacation Races on The Zion Half Marathon.  I can proudly say I am thrilled to be back and working with them again to put on another great event at The Rocky Mtn half Marathon this August.  Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most beautiful areas I have seen.  You will all be blown away with the beauty of this course.  In addition to my work with Vacation Races.  I also Co-Founded and Co-Directed the “Underground Runner Series”   I also actively serve on the board for The Southern Utah Triathlon Club.  Where I coordinate workouts and events.


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