July 12

Post Race Survey Results Part I


After our inaugural race we put out a survey and asked for your participation. Thanks again to all our runners that took the post race survey. We took the results we thought were interesting and put together three separate info graphics: 1) Runner demographics – who our runners are, where they came from, why they ran, etc., 2) Destination data – info on where people stayed, what they did in the park, etc., and 3) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – what people liked and what they didn’t. Here is part I:

It was really cool to see how far people traveled, for how many the Zion Half was their first half marathon (21%), how many “seasoned” half marathoners there were (55%), etc. We love getting to know our runners and appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback, it helps us in our ongoing effort to make our race an ultimate experience for you. Stay tuned for part II of our survey results!


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