July 15

Christmas in July: Week 3


. Last week’s winner was Russel Shafto. Congrats, Russel! So far we have given away the annual park pass and the $100 gift card to the Driftwood Lounge. The best prizes are yet to come: a 2 night stay at the Lake Powell Resort, and a boat rental for a day! This week’s giveaway will be the $100 gift card. Remember, if you register for the race NOW, you will not only be entered for this week’s giveaway but every week after! So maybe you didn’t win the $100 gift card, big deal! You could still win a 2 night stay or a boat for a day! Not bad, if you ask us. So get in there and register for the race to be sure and have a shot at the three remaining prizes. Good luck and tell your friends!

Read the complete giveaway details to find out more information.


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