July 18

Awards & Medals


Our medals came in the mail? Who wants one?!If you’re not familiar with our medals and awards policies, every runner who finishes the race will receive a finisher medal. These are not given away, they are earned. Please don’t take more than one. These finisher medals are the bronze medals shown above on the right. The actual finish will be more of a “rust” or antique look. They’re awesome.

All award divisions are divided by gender. Awards will be given to the top 5 runners overall as well as the Masters(40+) division. You cannot win in two individual divisions. If you are top 5 overall, regardless of age, you will be placed in the overall division. If you are 40+ and are top 5 overall, you will not be eligible for a Masters award. Once the top 5 overall have been awarded we will award the top 5 Masters, and then the age group awards. If you win a Masters award, you are not eligible to win an age group award. Anyone who is registered as part of a team is also eligible for the individual awards.

The top 3 winners in each division will also receive an Annual Park Pass (whoo hoo!).

Additionally, the top 5 in each of the age groups will also receive an award.


You can read a more detailed explanation of our awards policy here as well as the different groups (including age group cut offs).


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