July 24

Race Expo


At each of our races we hold a race expo where, a sort of runner’s convention. We have local vendors selling things from running shoes to sports bars to headbands to jewelry! This is also where we do our packet pick up. We encourage you to attend the race expo on Friday, August 16th and pick up your bib and goodies between Noon and 8:00 PM. The race expo will be held at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

The expo is going to great, but a little bit smaller than we were expecting. We are confident in the awesomeness of both the race and the expo, but like we mentioned before, participation is a little lower than we anticipated due to the dates we picked conflicting with other events. Also, it being peak travel season, there just isn’t as much incentive for vendors to participate. However, we do have the following awesome vendors confirmed and a few others not yet confirmed:

  1. SkiPix – You can see some of their race photography and other work. Check out what they’re offering and be sure you know how to get pictures if you want them.
  2. BaniBands – Banibands are great. We held a giveaway a few weeks ago and the response we heard from our runners was “I have a few pairs of Banibands head bands. I love them!” They will be selling a large variety of their sport headbands.
  3. Caveman Foods – Caveman Foods is a cool little company out of California that sells natural energy foods without all the processed mess. Granola bars, fruit bars, jerky, you name it.
  4. Vacation Races – Our parent company who puts on the National Park Race Series will be there selling merchandise (shirts, water bottles, jackets, posters, etc.). You can also find out more information about other races across the country!
  5. and more…

So plan on spending an extra 30 minutes at bib pickup to talk, shop, and say thanks to our sponsors for helping us put on this beautiful race!

**If you are interested in being a vendor or know someone who is, please contact us. We have completely waved any fees to be a vendor. It isn’t a free for all, but if you know of any relevant businesses looking for an excuse to come to Estes, please let us know. Send an email to salem@www.vacationraces.com


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