July 29

Top 10 Countdown #1


#1 Reason to run the Zion Half: ZION!

When all is said and done, the most important reason to run this race is Zion itself. We do all we can to make our race series a premium experience, and Reasons #10-2 demonstrate some of the great things we do to stand out and make it a great experience for our runners. Don’t get me wrong, all the reasons mentioned up until now are great reasons to run the Zion Half. However, greater than all of those is Zion National Park itself. Zion is the reason to run. Zion is what will make the race rewarding and memorable. Zion is where memories will be made. Zion is where you will share lifelong memories with friends and family and experience the beauty of this wonderful earth.

To celebrate this reason we are giving away a lifetime pass to the Zion Half. We hope to see you at the race.


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