August 30

Bib Pickup & Expo


Hey everyone, we just ran into a small snag with the park service regarding packet pickup and the race expo and we wanted your input.

One of the stipulations regarding running inside park boundaries is we can’t sell any merchandise there. We were planning on having the race expo at the Lake Powell Resort, where a lot of runners are staying, which is inside park boundaries. That would mean we would not have any other vendors (sunglasses, headbands, t-shirts, stickers, etc) there and it would just be bib pick up only.

Our other option would be to move bib pickup to the community center in Page, AZ right by the starting line. We wouldn’t have any limitations on vendors there.

We like having an expo with vendors. I know when I check in to a race I have a lot of positive energy and like talking to vendors and shopping a little. Also, Page is not that far away from the Resort, so we don’t think its a major change. However, we wanted to get some input from everyone before making a change as it will likely inconvenience some people.

Where should we do bib pickup? At the resort, in Page with other vendors, or does it not really matter to you? Let us know in the comments here or on Facebook.


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