September 8

One more thing…


There was one more thing we want you to know about us if you are new to our race series. What was it again….? Oh yeah, we love to give stuff away. We can’t help it. We love our runners and we love our races. To make these races an enjoyable experience and a great vacation, we do what we can via giveaways. Over the course of the year as we gear up for the race, we will be giving away all kinds of things like free race entries, park passes, merchandise, running swag/gear, etc. We coordinate with our sponsors and our host hotels and put together some great prizes. We do what we can within our means to reward everyone for their support. Thanks for your support!

We have our first Yellowstone Half giveaway going on over on our Facebook page. Be sure to check it out (image below) to be entered to win a FREE RACE ENTRY!


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