September 15

Registration Update


Registration has been open for a little over a month now and we thought it was time for an update. Who is coming? How many have registered? We’re glad you asked.

Registration is HALF FULL! We have 780 people registered coming from all over! We’ve got 2 countries represented among our runners and 35 states! California and Nevada have the highest number of runners with NV at 187 and CA at 171! Utah and Arizona aren’t far behind. This makes geographical sense, but if you look at the map below you see we’ve got people coming from all over. I think that is one of my favorite parts about these races is seeing everyone come together and looking at where they’re coming from.

So far we have 39 teams! Needless to say the competition in the team category is being knocked up a notch from last year. Not all of those teams are full yet, but that is how many we have registered.

Also cool to note is that the 2014 Zion Half will be the first half marathon ever for 213 of our runners! Good luck!


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