September 15

Short Shuttle Survey


Hey everyone! There will be shuttle service on race day. The way we are setting it up is this: We will have shuttles BEFORE the race going from the finish line to the start line, as well as from the Lake Powell Resort. We’ve got so many runners staying at the resort that it just makes sense to have a shuttle leave from there in the morning as well. The last shuttle will leave for the start line at 5:40 am to make sure you get there with plenty of time before the race starts (remember we have a new race time of 6:30 am Arizona time). We will then have shuttles AFTER the race going from the finish line back to the start.

Now, to help us plan for how many shuttles, etc. we need your help. If you are running the race, please complete this short survey and help us plan. This isn’t an ironclad commitment, we just need an estimate to set things up. Thanks!


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