September 16

2013 Continental Divide Club Members


We wanted to just take a minute to recognize our runners that joined the Continental Divide Club this year. These runners are truly hardcore and adventurous. We realize the hike to Hallett’s Peak was not small potatoes, but we think it is awesome some of you undertook the challenge.

David Rhodes from Downers Grove, IL Emily Davis from Deerfield, IL and Gretchen and Tim Madsen from Mundelein, IL Glenn Altemose from Windsor, CO Grant Reuter from Lakewood, CO

Just a little salute to those who undertook the challenge. You guys rock.

We realize there are lots of other hikes and fun activities to do and we are glad our runners sought out the opportunity to enjoy them. Hallett Peak is our official race hike, but hopefully that doesn’t deter runners from enjoying other parts of the park with their friends and families.

We’ve got a couple of honorable mentions:

Louise Coulter Ross hike Longs Peak in lieu of Hallett Peak. This is awesome. We thought about making Longs Peak the official race hike because it is so iconic, but it is also super long and intense. So although not the official race hike and not an induction into the Continental Divide Club, we wanted to tip our hats to Louise. Well done.

Another honorable mention goes to Tammy Busse. Tammy and her family were all set to summit Hallet Peak on Sunday, but unfortunately rain and storm clouds came in earlier than expected.

She did, however, make it to the summit of Hallett Peak Cabin. ;)


Well done everyone! Can’t wait to see how many do it next year!




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