September 17

Military Discount



At Vacation Races our goal is to create a rewarding race and an awesome experience for our runners. One of the ways we do that is with some of our policies, which are the best in the industry. Our military discount is one of those.

We want to express our gratitude to the men and women who serve our country. The founder of Vacation Races has a brother-in-law serving in Afghanistan. Not only does he know the sacrifice and work that goes into serving our country, he is also personally aware of the sacrifices made on the part of the spouses alone at home. We want to express our gratitude to the men and women who serve our country and to their families. To do so, we have a few special policies in place for military personnel and veterans.

Military Discount
We will be offering a $65 entry into the race, no matter what the date (as long as the race is not full). When registering, please use the discount code MILITARY upon check out to receive the discount. This is limited to anyone with a military ID or DD214. That can mean husbands, wives or children under 21. Anyone with a military ID is eligible. While veterans are eligible for the discount, their families are not eligible without either a current military ID or DD214.

Anyone using the military discount without a military ID or DD214 will not be able to pick up their bib, will forfeit all fees and will be banned for life from our races.

You MUST show a military ID or a copy of your DD214 in order to pick up your bib. If someone is picking up your packet, they must have a copy of your military ID or DD214. In order to preserve the integrity of this discount, we will not release a military discounted bib without the proper ID. 

Refunds due to orders
If any active duty service-member registers and subsequently receives orders that prevent them from attending the race, we will refund your registration fees 100% including race extras and processing fees, and will give you a free entry into any one of our races once you return from service.

Registrations that use the military discount cannot be transferred or sold, but are subject to our normal refund and deferment policy for reasons other than deployment.

Thank you for your service.

If you have questions about the military discount, please contact us.


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