September 24

Big Announcements!!


Alright everyone, after a visit to Yellowstone and some careful deliberation we have a few major announcements:


We have decided to push the race back one week. The new race date is June 14, 2014. We understand come of you might  not be able to make it on this date and we are truly sorry. Our biggest concern is the weather. Our contacts in West Yellowstone say it snows every year on the 7th. Also, historical weather data shows the 14th to be a little warmer and to have a little less variation. That being said, June is an iffy month. We anticipate it to be cold. Not trying to scare anyone off, we just want you to know what you are getting into.

Also out of concern for the weather we have moved the start time of the race back to 8:00 am which is much later than our races usually are. We know our runners sometimes like the cold, but we would like to get you out of freezing temperatures.


The other change we had to make was to the course. This is such great news though. This new course is so pretty! There were a few concerns with the old course. Forest Services voiced a couple concerns. We also had a running group test the course to get their impressions. They had a couple issues as well (like the sewage treatment facility that is not visible, but is definitely smellable).

At first we were really concerned about changing the course, but this has been a huge blessing in disguise. This new course we found is much much better. It is so pretty and secluded! We are so excited for this one. We will post full course details really soon.


Registration opens in one week! Tuesday, October 1st at 8:00 am Mountain Time Zone registration will officially open. You can register here at that time. We will be giving away a FREE TRAINING SHIRT to the first 250 to register. We did something similar with our Grand Canyon Half registration and the free shirts were gone in the first 10 minutes! So mark your calendars, set your alarms, and get ready!

We will be doing a countdown to registration and an accompanying giveaway over on our Facebook page starting tomorrow. Each day we will look a little closer at the 5 things you need to know before registering for the race!



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