September 28

2) The Weather


The #2 thing to be aware of before registering for the Yellowstone Half is the weather. The race will be the morning of June 14th. We looked at weather patterns historically over the past 9 years and found that June 14th tends to be a little warmer with less variation than June 7th (only one of the reasons we decided to push the race back a week). All the locals also told us that every year it snows on June 7th. The point is, June can be a very chilly month. We know runners like it cold, but we thought a snow storm might be just a little too cold.

We are hoping for good weather, but we want everyone to be aware of the possibility that it could be colder than you’re thinking. June is still early in the month. Yellowstone in June will be beautiful. A little crisp and potentially chilly. We don’t anticipate fresh snow, but there might be lingering snow patches in the hills.

Based on the information we have, it will be in the 40s at 8:00am and will warm up to the 50s and low 60s during the race. All you winter training will come in handy for this race!
Any locals have any other thoughts on the matter?
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