September 30

Places No Man Has Ever Seen


My dad grew up in Tucson, AZ. When he was young they took in a Navajo child named Beaver. Beaver’s family lived on Navajo Land outside Tuba City. His mother had contracted TB and was in a camp for the first few years of his life. For whatever reason, Beaver’s grandfather was very fond of my grandfather (my dad’s dad). My grandpa had one of those old WWII Jeeps. The last time they visited Beaver’s grandparents was when Beaver’s mother was healthy and they were returning him to his family. As they left, Beaver’s grandfather said to my grandpa, “John! You bring that Jeep of yours up here and I will show you places in the canyon (Grand Canyon) that white man has never seen.”

My grandfather never went.

To this day my dad tells that story, furious that his dad never took the old Navajo man up on his offer. It blows my mind to think of what undiscovered treasures the Grand Canyon holds. It is so big. There is so much unseen, unexplored, unexplained!

The point is, the Grand Canyon is big, and you could spend a lifetime exploring it and not uncover all of its secrets. We don’t recommend it either though, cause it is incredibly dangerous. There is a lot to be done though, from Havasupai, to the South Rim, to the North Rim, to river rafting, to hiking down into the canyon floor. Amazing.

You might not be able to do all that, but one thing you can do is watch the IMAX movie there in Tusayan.

You can check out show times and buy tickets online here. This is where the race will finish and is also where the race expo will be!


Grand Canyon

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