September 30

The Course Post


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the course, this post will include a bunch of links and references so you can get acquainted with it.

The course will start in Virgin just of highway 9 on Camino Del Rio. The course then turns North and follows highway 9 through Rockville. Once in Springdale the route shifts onto the bike path that follows the highway for about 2 miles. After the bike path, the course gets back onto the highway and the race ends at the driveway of the Giant Screen Theatre at the entrance to Zion. 

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You can see the elevation map below. It kind of looks scary, but pay attention to the real elevation gain, it is very gradual. It is about 2 feet gain for every 100 yards.

While we could not get approval to run inside the park boundaries, we still think this course will be one of the most beautiful courses you will ever experience. Last year’s runners would vouch for that.

Here is our race day video from 2013 which will give you glimpses of some of the beautiful views you will see while running this course.

Zion Half Marathon Race Video 2013 from Vacation Races on Vimeo.

We also have a video we took of us driving the course so you can see detailed what you are in for.


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