October 3

Yaki Point


Of all the observation areas, Yaki Point is one of my favorites. About one mile off of Desert View Drive, Yaki Point is only accessible by shuttle or by parking at the south entrance and walking the road in. It’s worth it. These are a few pictures I took at sunrise last week on my trip there:












I’m pretty sure you can’t take a bad picture there. I like Yaki Point because it is usually less crowded (since it isn’t as convenient to get to – still not out of the way by any means), but also because you get so many vantage points of the Canyon. Just meandering around Yaki Point you can get so many different views and perspectives. It is definitely worth your time.

Another cool thing about Yaki Point is the road to Yaki Point also takes you to the South Kaibab Trail head which goes down into the Canyon. If you plan on joining the Skeleton Club, this would be where the trail would begin!



Grand Canyon

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Are You Getting Enough Protein?

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