October 10



As you are probably aware, we sold out of race bibs this morning. The response to this race has been much bigger than we anticipated, and we sold out in 9 days, 1 hour and 48 minutes.

If you did not get in, here is what we recommend.


1. See if you can buy a bib off someone. Our transfer policy rocks. It will cost you an extra $20, but you can get a bib that way. Posting bibs for sale or bibs wanted on our facebook page is fine with us.

2. Wait until March 3rd. Some folks will need to get a refund for their registration. They will get injured, get lazy and not train, or decide they cannot afford to make the trip. We expect 50-100 spots to be refunded and due to our amazing refund policy, we’ll know how many on the morning of March 3rd. At Noon on March 3rd, we will open up the remaining spots for sale.

3. Stay connected with us. Make sure you are receiving our emails (you can opt in here) and that you follow us on Facebook. There is always a chance we could get a cap increase, but as this is an inaugural event, we will most likely keep things small to make sure our runners have a great experience. Make sure you are receiving information from us so you can be the first to know if something changes.

We are very sorry we cannot accommodate everyone, but for those who got in, we have a feeling this race is going to be amazing!


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