October 11

Gov. Shutdown Update #2



We just got the call from the park service that the gates are open and we can proceed with the race as originally planned. Hooray!

Due to the uncertainty of the past 2 weeks we will still honor any refunds that were requested, however we want to remind everyone that the deadline for the full refund is Sunday night, after that you will be subject to our normal refund policy. 


Several news outlets are reporting that parks in Utah, including Lake Powell are reopening due to some bold moves by Utah’s Governor.

And More

We are not 100% sure what that means for us. While 90% of Lake Powell is in Utah, the Dam, and 95% of our race is in Arizona. We hear Arizona’s Governor is also considering a similar move, but we have not seen anything finalized yet.

We will update this post today as things progress.


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