October 12




Well, it looks like fall has come early. With a week before the race we are planning on very cool temperatures with starting line temps near 40, finish line temps near 55 and highs for the day near 65. Please plan accordingly.



So what weather can you expect for the race?

Take a look at the average highs and lows of the past 10 years for October 19th. Historic weather


On average you should expect a high of about 71 and a low of about 49. because our races start at sunrise, the start of the race will probably be chilly but should warm up by about 15 degrees during the race which should make the finish comfortable.

Runners will be able to check any gear they have at the start as will be able to drop clothing off at each aid station. Please keep in mind if you choose to drop clothing off on the course, it may be lost. Do not drop any article of clothing that is valuable to you.


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