October 23

Preliminary Race Postmortem


A couple days since the race ended and we still can’t stop thinking about it. A big thank you to all of our volunteers (we couldn’t do it without you) and to you, our runners, for making it such a great event.

We aim to create a truly excellent race experience and we couldn’t do it without your feedback, criticism, and praise. This is YOUR race. We will be sending out a post race survey to all those who ran the race. Look for that in your inbox on Friday. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to fill it out and let us know how your race experience was.


In the meantime, there are a few obvious items we would like to talk about. Overall we thought it was a great inaugural race, but there are a couple things we want to address.

Shuttles – There were some shuttle issues that we want to apologize for. Race crew ended up shuttling a few runners back to their cars after the race because the shuttles took forever to get back. This was simply a problem of miscommunication. We are aware of it, we will fix it, this won’t be a problem next year. We’re sorry to those of you who were negatively affected by this.

Mile Markers – From mile 4 to 12 the mile markers were all exactly a mile apart. Unfortunately, they were about a quarter mile off. We hope this didn’t mess anybody up too much. We have had a couple people report that the course was a little short. Salem ran it and his GPS finished at 13.08 but we have reports of the course being as short as 12.94. We’ll check the course again, but we may need to modify next year’s course slightly to get the extra mileage if we find out it is indeed short.

Weather – The weather was perfect for a run. The air was still, the sun was shining, the temperatures were cool. Beautiful. On the other hand, the weather was just a little too cold to really get out there and enjoy the lake like we want people to. We still got out there, went boating, went swimming. It was awesome, but a little chilly. We can’t control the weather, but are wondering if just a little bit earlier in the year would be better for those who stay and play at the lake.

Rainbow Club and Trifecta – Don’t forget to send your photos to salem@www.vacationraces.com if you hiked to Rainbow Bridge or completed the Trifecta to get your discount off next year’s race. You can read about the Rainbow Club and The Lake Powell Trifecta if you need a reminder.

Once again, watch for the post race survey we will send out on Friday. We will leave the survey open until NEXT Sunday (11/3) and will then go over your feedback and complete a more thorough post race postmortem. Thanks again!


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