November 26

5 Things To Know


Registration opens in less than a week! We have put together a list of 5 things we want you to know before registration opens on December 2nd at 8:00 AM MST. Each day we will post about one of those 5 things along with instructions on how to be entered into that day’s giveaway! That’s right, each day we will be giving away a free race entry.


Our races are all cup free! Read all the details about our cup free racing here. We have plenty of aid stations, just no cups to clutter the course or to ugly up the beautiful views. We want to take care of these beautiful parks and the surrounding areas. Each runner will have their own hydration system (either one they bring themselves like a camelbak or a water bottle, or the hydrapouch which we will provide for you free of charge).

Head over to Facebook to see how to be entered into today’s giveaway!


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