November 27

#4 – Registration Nitty Gritty


There are some details about registration you need to familiarize yourself with. You might be wondering, “what if I register and then something happens and I can’t make it?” Glad you asked, because we have a killer refund policy. “Are there military discounts?” You bet there are. “What about teams? I’ve got a whole bunch of people and we want to run together!” Not only can you compete as a team, but there is a $10 discount to teams!

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the process and the policies before registering. You can read all about them here. Read about our Military policy here. Check out the details on our refund, transfer, and deferment policies here. Read up on how we do teams here.

Now the team registration will be slightly different (we are updating the team page now). In the past we have discounted registration $10 for anyone that registers as a team. The thing is, you need 6 runners to qualify as a team. If you receive the $10 discount but then don’t fill up your team we would have to impose a penalty. Then we would call in the guys with brass knuckles and baseball bats to collect. Just kidding, we would never do that. What would usually end up happening is most teams that didn’t get filled up would just slip through, which is unfair to those legitimate teams. So what we are doing going forward is everyone will register at the individual price, but those who register on a team will be credited (or refunded) the $10 as soon as their team fills up with 6 runners. Make sense?

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