December 7




There are a lot of policies and registration details we want you to be aware of. Do we have a killer refund policy? Why yes we do. Can you transfer a registration to another race? You sure can. Can we register as teams? We encourage it. Is there a team discount? You bet your sweet half marathon running can there is! Be sure to familiarize yourself with all of our procedures and policies by reading about them here.

We’ve got a great refund policy and also offer transfer and deferment options.

We appreciate our service men and women, and a solid military policy is the least we could do.

Another thing to be aware of is that we will be doing team registrations a little differently this year. We offer a $10 discount to runners who register as a team. However, you need 6 people to qualify as a team and to therefore qualify for the discount. So what we are doing this year is you sign up as a team, business as usual. However you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT of registration. Once you have all 6 members of your team registered then each member will automatically be refunded $10. Make sense? We are ironing out the details on getting our system to perform that function properly.


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