December 19

Silent Weeks (?)


Hey everyone! Sorry things have been quiet from us for a while. We are busy with our 12 Days of Christmas we are running across all of our races in the series. We didn’t want to bombard everyone on top of the 12 Days countdown so we are laying low during the Holiday Season (for your sakes and ours).

If you haven’t been a part of our countdown, we are giving away great prizes everyday! Head over to our Vacation Races Facebook page so you don’t miss out on any more of the action.

We have tons of great Lake Powell Half content to share with all of you, so be sure to check back after the holidays. We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a great Holiday season!

Registrations are filling up, so if you or anyone you know hasn’t registered yet, get in there and get it done! Need a list minute Christmas present? Give the gift of a registration :) .


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Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Are You Getting Enough Protein?

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