January 8

Things To Do


yellowstone 8.3I’m convinced you could spend an entire summer in Yellowstone and still not see everything. Sure there is all the stuff on the Grand Loop that you can see, but then there are miles of nature just waiting to be discovered. These are often the best places to see because not many people take the time to visit!

Yellowstone is conveniently shaped like a figure 8. We’ve broken it up into 4 quadrants and will do a post on each one, featuring some of our favorite places to visit. By no means are we a comprehensive list of things to do and see. ┬áThe NPS website and Trip Advisor are two great resources among dozens. However, over the next couple of weeks we will be posting some recommendations and pictures.

We will start soon with Quadrant 1. Please join in the conversation along the way and let us know some places we’re missing and some of your favorites!


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