January 9

Morning of The Race


Hey everyone. We have some logistical info you’ll want to pay attention to for the morning of the race. I know, boring! But this is some important stuff that will directly effect everyone, so listen up! First of all, we are currently working on a solution to having shuttles at the race. There will be shuttles. Right now we are ironing out a few details and we will keep you informed. Just know that there will be shuttles, and we are likely to have fewer shuttles in the morning to the starting line and more after the race to take you back to the starting line from the finish line. We are also brainstorming a solution to the problem we had last year where tons of people signed up to take the shuttle and then a ton didn’t, so we ended up paying for way more shuttle service than we needed.

Now, the race starts at 7:00 AM, NO MATTER WHAT. We do not start our races late. Count on the race starting at 7:00 AM sharp. Here is a picture of the staging area:

Screen Shot 2014 01 09 at 9.39.45 AM

You can see there is only one entrance into the area where we will have parking. We’re going to be organized and ready to go, but this will cause for some slight traffic delays that you should plan for.
The last shuttle to the starting line will leave no later than 5:45 AM.

If YOU’RE driving and parking at the start line you can show up as early as 5:00 AM. We will close the parking lot at 6:40 AM – this is a hard cutoff. Runners will begin lining up at 6:45 AM and the gun will go off at 7:00 AM. This is a hard cutoff, we have to do it. If you show up at 6:41 AM you will not be able to park (you can be dropped off, but the parking lot entrance will be barricaded).

If everyone waits until the last minute to come park, then that would naturally cause a traffic block up which means the delays might make you miss the 6:40 AM cutoff. He is what we recommend: get here early. Get here REALLY early! The earlier the better! Starting at 5:05 AM we will be raffling off prizes every 5 minutes. We are going to have a HUGE warming tent. We’re talking circus tent style warming tent. There will be coffee and hot chocolate. And prizes! T-shirts, jackets, free race entries, gear, etc. you won’t be disappointed. Have we ever disappointed with our giveaways? ;) It’s going to be a party.

We will have gear check and the cutoff will be at 6:45 AM. We will also have a back to dump your gear at the aid station at Mile 3. After Mile 3, if you dump your stuff along the course we cannot guarantee you will get it back. Even if you dump it at an aid station, we can’t guarantee it. We hate to be sticklers about this, but we’re going to be. We might find your stuff because we will clean up the course, but we can’t guarantee it will get back to you.

Any questions? You know where to find us. We will repost this information over and over as the race continues to get closer. Let me sum it up again:

5:00 AM – open parking at the start line
5:05 AM – first prize raffle (every 5 minutes)
5:45 AM – last shuttle leaves from finish line area
6:00 AM – last prize raffle
6:15 AM – encourage cars parking to be in parking lot
6:40 AM – parking lot entrance closes
6:45 AM – runners line up/last call for gear check
7:00 AM – race starts!


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