January 22



We are thinking about trying these guys out at our race in Zion. Fitful provides post race solutions. It is kind of a slam dunk for us, but we want to know if our runners like it. Operationally it makes things really easy to provide post race nutrition and food. Instead of cutting up tons of food and having more than we need and lots being wasted, instead we would have a fitful box for every runner, tons of bananas and chocolate milk. Boom. Simple, right? No convenience for us is worth anything though if it isn’t a good fit for our runners. So what do you guys think?

meal-sampleRight now we are thinking about ordering these boxes (we can customize the contents). We would then have runners tear a little tag off of their bibs in exchange for a box, and then they can help themselves to banana and chocolate milk. We will have a table where you can discard any unwanted items from the fitful box which will then be a free for all for whoever wants more. Everyone takes care of their own trash and we eliminate a LOT of wasted food.

What do you think? Has anyone had experience with these folks at another race? What did you think? Let us know!



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